BLOG TOUR | The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco : Book Review + Mini Book Talk about Worldbuilding + Giveaway!

I know that it’s generally a bad idea to judge a book by its cover but when the cover for The Never Tilting World was dropped in Shealea’s blog, I knew right then and there that I had to get my hands on it the moment it was published. Lucky for me, I’ve had the incredible honor of partaking in a major perk of being an active book nerd in this little community: blog tours! That’s right, somehow I was able to get my hands on an eARC of The Never Tilting World and fangirl about it months earlier than I expected. 

Here’s an abridged version of my experience reading The Never Tilting World
breath: stolen
jaw: on the floor
heart: full
hotel: trivago (I couldn’t resist)

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Sequel Sundays | The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco

Rather than starting off this post with yet another self-deprecating anecdote about my pathetic life, here’s a mostly relevant gif instead:

Image result for mushu i live gif
(relevant to my blog and to the book I’ll be talking about. thanks, Mushu.)

That’s right, this series is officially a thing that I do on my blog now. The first Sequel Sunday of mine wasn’t just a fluke that I can surreptitiously bury with each passing month. 2019 is the year I actually try to challenge myself to write better and more frequently.

But anyway. As I said on my first Sequel Sunday, this series aims to take a look at the second instalment of a book series and see if it holds up to the first. If it isn’t already obvious, this post is dedicated to the second book of The Bone Witch trilogy by Rin Chupeco, The Heart Forger. (No Spoilers)

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Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2019 | Sign-Up Post Unofficial TBR

Meant to write post this official participation post last week but, because I am absolute garbage at meeting my self-imposed deadlines, here we are. Heck, the second part of my Ruthless Magic and Themes Book Talk (shameless plug is shameless) was supposed to been up yesterday but it’s only halfway done and still barely legible. 2019 is not looking good for my blog, it would seem.

Anyway, as if I don’t already have enough on my proverbial plate, I decided to join in on the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge. As the name suggests, it’s a reading challenge aimed at encouraging readers to pick up books by Asian authors whether they’re new or old releases. Admittedly, I haven’t been reading as diversely as I would have liked, mainly because, before joining the online book community last year, I seldom found books written by Asian authors unless they’re in the mainstream. Book bloggers have really opened my eyes to just how incredibly vast and beautifully diverse Asian fiction is and how much I’ve been missing out. Huge props to the hosts of this reading challenge: Shealea, CW, Lily, and Vicky.

This year I want to expand my reading horizons to books closer to home. Fortunately for me, a lot of new books by Asian authors are going to be released this year and I’ve got a backlog of local titles on my shelf so I’m ready to go. I’ve challenged myself to read 31-40 books, the Giant Panda badge, because I love to suffer and I adore pandas.

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