Epistolary #4: Cleaning Out my Desk Drawers and Getting Philosophical | Brainstorming and Idea Mining for a WIP | Fostering a Pup and Learning How to Love Again

Much like with most blog posts that I write, this Epistolary post was slated much earlier, preferably on the first week of April but then I got lazy, and then I lost interest, and then I forgot entirely. Story of my life, really.

Anyway. A couple of things has happened in the past month and more than once I found myself opening a new post to write down my thoughts and such but then I realized that no one but me really cares about my personal life so I’d close the window and file the idea away. Thank goodness I have this little blog series so I’ll have an excuse to write about my mundane existence.

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50k Words is still a Milestone (and other pseudo-achievements)

I’ve been meaning to blog about this since last month and I even started working on a draft weeks ago (a sort of May Life Update post) but then something terrible happened. My dog, Lily, died. I was devastated. I knew that I couldn’t write a life update post without talking about my poor baby Lily. Lily was such a huge part of my life for nearly a year and I couldn’t gloss over her like that just because I wasn’t emotionally ready for the task. So I scrapped that idea.

Now, though I still miss my Lily like crazy, I feel it’s time to write about what’s been going on in my life. It’s as dull and uneventful as always (even more so with my puppy, my little slice of heaven, gone) but I believe that I can only move on when I accept things as they are and proceed as planned.

With all that said, here’s an update blog that absolutely no one asked for.

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