Blog Tour | Jade War by Fonda Lee: Clan War… but make it slow burn [Book Review + Fan Art]

At the beginning of this year, I picked up a book that nearly everyone on my Twitter timeline was obsessed about. Jade City fever had hit the book community towards the end of 2018 and it was difficult not to succumb to the hype when practically every reviewer that I trust swore by it. Once I started reading it, I immediately understood why.

Jade City was A RIDE so WILD that I struggled to hold on to my dear life. I had no idea where we were going but I enjoyed every moment of it. There was a magic mafia, martial arts, and family drama – Jade City has been described as The Godfather but with magic and for good reason.

When Shealea (@Shutup, Shealea and @CaffeineTours) announced that she had the honor of organizing an international blog tour of Jade City‘s sequel, Jade War, I signed up for it so fast that I barely had the time to blink. I knew that there were only limited slots and with my humble blog’s stats I didn’t really have much hope but still I had to shoot my shot.

By some stroke of luck, I got in! I returned to Janloon, said my oaths to the Pillar of No Peak once again, and experienced the absolute rollercoaster ride that was Jade War.

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#YARC2019 Book Reviews: Smaller and Smaller Circles | Jade City | A Line in the Dark

In one of my most recent posts, I said that I’m going to be doing the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge with the goal of 30-40 books by the end of the year. It’s been more than a week into the second month of 2019 and I’ve only read three. After doing some quick calculations, at this rate I’m going to be ending the year with a couple of books short of reaching the minimum and, ultimately, fail the challenge. And if there’s one thing us Asians fear the most, it’s failure 😭

I’m currently loading up on more Asian books to avoid such a dark fate but, in the meantime, I feel like I should talk about the books that I have read. I’m thinking of writing these mini-reviews every month or whatever. It’ll be like killing two birds with one stone – I get to write more book reviews (which, weirdly enough, I rarely do unless the book is super good or disastrously bad) and I can have somewhat regular #YARC2019 update post.

I was lucky enough to have started the challenge with a spectacular and thought-provoking murder mystery, Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan, followed by an epic crime family drama with a fantastical twist, Jade City by Fonda Lee, and, just recently finished a YA contemporary that I have mixed feelings about, A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo.

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