Epistolary #4: Cleaning Out my Desk Drawers and Getting Philosophical | Brainstorming and Idea Mining for a WIP | Fostering a Pup and Learning How to Love Again

Much like with most blog posts that I write, this Epistolary post was slated much earlier, preferably on the first week of April but then I got lazy, and then I lost interest, and then I forgot entirely. Story of my life, really.

Anyway. A couple of things has happened in the past month and more than once I found myself opening a new post to write down my thoughts and such but then I realized that no one but me really cares about my personal life so I’d close the window and file the idea away. Thank goodness I have this little blog series so I’ll have an excuse to write about my mundane existence.

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Alpha Dog and Megalomaniac

This is Po. He is one of our puppies, the youngest one. Po is only four months old but is already a menace to society. Or at least in our household. He is, and this is no mere hyperbole, absolute and pure evil.

We have two other puppies in our home, Meg and Bear. Those two are siblings and Po is kind of their cousin or something. Unlike Meg and Bear, Po was the only pup of his mother. He was born a few days after Meg and Bear (and five others) were born. Truth be told, no one expected Po. No one even knew that Po’s mama (Han-han) was pregnant. So when Po showed up one day, everyone freaked out. Po was quite a big puppy even then.

When we had the puppies live inside the house, Po quickly gained alpha dog status because 1.) he was the biggest pup; 2.) he was the cutest and most favored; and 3.) he had the biggest appetite for food and for power. Po literally steals from Meg’s and Bear’s dog bowl during meals. We need to physically keep him away from our other pups so they can eat in peace. On occasions that we fail to hold on to him, Po uses his largeness and ferocity to strong arm the other pups to give up their food. It’s happened so many times that Meg and Po don’t even fight back anymore because they know that they’ll lose. Poor pups.

Don’t be fooled by his adorable face. This little pup is not to be trifled with. Oh, he’ll let you pet him, alright, may even allow you to cuddle him. But that’s just a ploy to get you to lower your guard. I’m fairly certain he aims for world domination. Do not trust this dog.