From Nowhere

Sept.11[1:15PM]: I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post this or if I’ll post this at all but I’m kind of trapped in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone and internet connection, basically no form of contact to the outside world, and I feel like I need to write something. I exaggerate, of course. I’m not in the middle of nowhere… just somewhere really far, really unfamiliar, and really really really dull and boring. Taken from someone like me who is dull and boring, that’s saying something.

How did I get here exactly? asked absolutely no one. Well, my parents wanted a sort of mini-mini vacation and figured to make use of the 4-day weekend so no one – particularly me – could weasel out of it because of some vague school-related excuse. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I adore how they really take time and effort to bring us all together every so often so we – particularly me – don’t drift too far apart but, honestly, I wish to god they’d think their vacation plans more thoroughly.

See, every time – every single time – we go on a road trip across the province we almost never know where we’re going. We don’t get lost too much thanks to Google Maps but we never know what to expect of our destination. Usually – meaning always – we’d end up disappointed because the “great” and “beautiful” place my mother’s friends suggested are either mediocre or creepy or both. Right now, the place I’m in is a healthy dose of both. Perhaps I’m too spoiled on beach resorts and such. But when you live in a municipality that’s pretty much beach resort central in Cebu, your standards get pretty high.

I wouldn’t be complaining this much if there was at least a stable internet connection here but, alas, there isn’t, hence all the bitching. One could look on the bright side in all of this such as, well, I might finally be able to focus enough to finish that article of mine for our mag? However, considering the splitting headache I’m still recovering from, that particular good point is canceled. This forced sabbatical couldn’t end quicker, I swear.

I honestly hope that no one from school needs to reach me urgently for at least 24 hours. It’ll be just my luck if I find out that something drastic happened over the course of the weekend and my absence would be partially to blame. I shouldn’t tempt fate like this by outright saying it but… well… I really hope it doesn’t happen.

Sept.12[4:49PM]: I’m home and, thankfully, nothing terrible happened while I was gone so I can’t be partially blamed for anything. However, I missed a bunch of conversations on Mystic Messenger and I had to use my very finite number of hourglasses to catch up. Damn it.

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