You know what’s annoying? I’ve been regularly taking great care of my lips since that disastrous lip blister last summer, have been extra cautious about my lips getting chapped or even slightly dried, have spent a considerable amount of money buying lip balms, and yet earlier this month I suffered not one but two blisters. I’m fine now but I really suffered quite a bit for a little more than a week thanks to those annoying assholes.

To give myself some credit, the blisters I got a few weeks ago were on my lower lip this time instead of my upper lip. Last time’s blister made me look like I got socked on the face pretty bad. The lower lip blisters just looked like I had accidentally left a smear of chocolate or something on my lip. They were annoying though because they were reallypainful. I literally could not laugh because then I’d stretch one or both blisters and the pull would tear the dried wound/s and then I’d bleed for several minutes. Eugh.

Then there was the mouth ulcers on the inside of my lower lip. Geez those were annoying little shits. Made eating nothing less than torturous, to be honest. Although, blisters and mouth sores aside, I still ate spicy siomai back then. I was more or less crying in pain but the siomai was just so good. It was worth every tear. The tears of pain relieved the blisters anyway.

I think my problem is that, although I apply lip balm every so often, I kind of sort of forget to drink water regularly? And considering how much time I spend outside now – under the glaring heat of the sun and sweating like crazy – it’s not that difficult to imagine how I exactly got the double whammy of mouth pains some weeks ago. Heck, I’m surprised sunburned lips was all I got.

So, lesson learned: hydrate properly. All the lip balms and sun screen in the world aren’t worth anything if I don’t bother to actually take care of my internal organs which basically do all the hard work. Also, side note, I really love lip balms. I collect them almost unhealthily.

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