One Last Summer Post

Our office had one last summer adventure last week. It was, in all honesty, not as bad as we had feared it would be. Though, to be even more honest, it wasn’t as good as we had wanted it to be either.

We went to a standard beach resort up in the north and were lucky enough to book enough rooms at such short notice. Originally, we planned on going to this incredible resort at a nearby summer paradise-like island but that plan was cancelled due to some particular problems. Our plans literally had to be changed overnight since things started to look awry at around midnight. Me and our Finance guy had to arrange a Plan B at the crack of dawn. I barely slept a wink that night.

I think I half expected it to happen. I mean, it really was too good to be true. Nothing that great could happen without demanding something even greater in return. And I never really felt confident that it ever would happen. Even on the night before our trip I didn’t feel at all positive about it. The text message I received at midnight terrified me but didn’t really surprise me. I knew that it wasn’t going to happen. It just wasn’t for us, I’m afraid.

So we had to settle on a less risky, less interesting little resort. At least we got to go on an outing, that was our one consolation. And besides, it’s not really the venue that matters but the people you’re with. The staff made our boring outing venue much more fun.

One thing that pained me though was telling the others that our island paradise outing was cancelled. Those guys had their hearts set on going to that beautiful island. They were looking forward to it all week. Disappointing them was the thing that I regret the most. Alas, things had to happen the way they did.

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