Sundaze (5.29)

Is it too early to celebrate my surprising consistency even though this is only the second (and hopefully not last) Sundaze post? I think so but it’s still something of an achievement. I didn’t even think the first one was going to be posted at all since it was already past Sunday when I finally finished it. Still, writing the first Sundaze post was pretty fun so I figured why not make another? Maybe, just maybe, this might be an actual regular thing on my blog. I hope so.

Funny thing though… I can’t really remember what the heck happened the past week. It’s all been kind of a blur with each day nearly identical to the previous. Nothing of particular note happened, I think. Summer idleness, I guess? Well this should be fun then.

Strange/Susan. Looks like my blog post about Susan Pevensie (and her hilariously consistent pose in almost all Narnia movie posters/promotional pictures) is my most popular post yet. Probably the only popular post I’ll ever have. But for real though, I had no idea it would be liked or reblogged that many times. Imagine my surprise when I noticed my activity stats – usually just a flat line on good days –  spiked up one morning. Turns out one blog reblogged it and the almost month-old post was revived and circulated farther than anything I’ve made have ever gone. The pseudo-fame is intoxicating. 54 notes! Wow! An aside: it really is weird and ridiculous how the Narnia movie promotional artists are so afraid that people might forget that Susan is the archer. She is an archer but she’s so much more than that. Canonically, Susan is the most softhearted one (not considering what she did in the last book). She’s Queen Susan the Gentle, after all. Geez.

Ubiquitous. You know how some people leave marks or remnants of themselves and/or their work so that even after they’re gone everyone can still feel their presence? No, I’m not talking about supernatural entities here (a strange thing for me to say, I know). See, the senior-Seniors in our publication graduated months ago but we can still kind of sense their auras… and the messes they left behind. Yeah, most of their legacies are keeping us – the ones remaining – constantly anxious and worried about the pub. It’d be a shit thing for me to do if I spoke even more ill of them so I’ll restrain myself. I just kind of had to write it down finally since it’s been eating me up on the inside. Sorry.

Narcolepsy. Lately my sleeping habits have been pretty weird. It’s not that I haven’t been sleeping or haven’t been able to sleep much – I’ve never had that problem, to be honest – but the opposite. I’ve been sleeping A LOT. I can normally just get by with four to five hours of sleep; any more and I’ll feel sluggish and uncomfortable. But now I’ve been sleeping for over six to eight hours every night! One could say that’s a healthier alternative – a blessing in disguise, if you would – but I disagree. I hate it. I hate how I fall asleep in the early afternoons/late noons too. The sleep that I fall in is the deep kind too, the ones that literally knock me out solid, the ones that leave me more exhausted when I wake up than when I first fell asleep. I hypothesize that the summer heat has warped my sleeping patterns. Not having anything to do in particularly every day may have also contributed to it. God, this happens every year and I always, always let myself get lulled into the (false) serenity of summer idleness. I need to take control of my life.

Delirium. So it turns out I will be an intern this coming semester. Hooray! By some sort of miracle (coupled with the beautiful power of FRIENDSHIP), my name was included in the list of interns. What’s more, I’m even assigned to the media outlet that I wanted. It’s almost too good to be true… I have yet to actually be accepted by the company – haven’t even downloaded the necessary files that I need to fill up, et cetera et ecetera – but, hey, I have hope! Again!

Absentminded. Seriously, what the hell did I do during the past week?

Zen. I’ve changed my Tumblr and WordPress blog theme like five times now. Somehow, I can never be satisfied with how my blog/s look for long. I’d make my own theme or just customize a particularly flexible theme but my artistic and computer skills are the pits. I’d do more damage than anything, I’m sure.

Excited Eradicated. We’ve decided not to opt for a celebration dinner – to celebrate the summer magazine’s dubious success – this time in order to have a better outing next week (which is a few seconds from when I’m typing this). It was a sudden and unexpected decision spearheaded by our Finance guy. The day before, we had a meeting to decide where to go for our outing and adjourned with something akin to disappointment. Most of our venue pitches were turned down due to certain reasons (too far, too expensive, too crowded). The team decided to go for a safe option – a mountain resort that most of us had gone to, and loved – but were still kind of half hoping for a better option to show up. (The other half was resigned to a mostly mediocre outing… like our other outings). The next day, our Finance guy called me to tell me about the proposal he got from a family friend, a fellow who apparently owns a resort (or two) in an island up in the north. After a flurry of discussion amongst the staff, we had to go for it. It was an insane offer and, though a tad pricey, we do kind of deserve the treat. It’s been a long summer. So now the outing is settled and I’m trying not to get too excited to avoid jinxing it and possibly disappointing myself later on.

Time: 12:06 AM (I think my Sundaze posts may never be posted on a Sunday)

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