Mini-Library Mini-Revamp

Every time any one of my family members step inside my room – on the rare occasions that I actually permit their presence in my inner sanctum – they always marvel at how my bedroom is becoming more and more like a library with all the books I’ve acquired. I, however, would always correct them. My room is a far cry from an actual library. I only have one proper book closet (overflowing with read books) and two bookcases (for my to-read books). I also put a few select books (the ones that are particularly close to my heart) on my desk and on my bed’s headboard shelf. Hardly close to an actual library that has books everywhere, I think.

Though considering the sheer number of books I do own, I guess my room may be like a mini library. And a library really ought to be organized so it’s easier to find and get the books that I want/need. With that train of thought, I decided to clean up and rearrange my book closet the other day. I had been meaning to do it for a while now but just didn’t have the motivation or the time for it. I mean, if I was going to do it I had to be sure that I was serious and had a lot of time on my hands. The task would, after all, take more than just a few hours. Thankfully, summer idleness had left me itching to do something and I had some time before I took the plunge to fourth-year-college-dom next month.

Here’s the before photo of my book closet:

2016-05-23 09.40.47 1

Spoiler: I didn’t bother with my bookcases (the two besides my book closet) since it’d be useless anyway. I knew that whatever order I’d end up piling my to-read books in would be disturbed sooner or later when I choose a new book. The fact that I was exhausted and more than just a little bit dizzy after reorganizing all of my read books may have also discouraged me from even attempting to touch my to-read shelves.

Truth be told, my book closet had some sort of system in place long, long ago. However, what with school and work and everything else in between – plus the limited space in one shelf for a specific genre – I’ve kind of ignored the system a bit.

The first thing I had to do was to figure out where to find extra space since eight shelves just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. After a while I realized that my book closet actually does have some extra room. My closet has a lower part where I used to keep, okay, hoard some random stuff that’s of no use to anyone at all. The lower part has two portions that have wooded doors instead of sliding glass doors, so whatever books I’d keep there would have to be the ones I don’t mind not seeing. I have quite a lot of books that fit that category, as it turns out.

I quickly got rid of the papers, scraps of cloth (I had a sewing phase at some point), and actual literal trash. I decided to use just one half and leave the other for the stuff that I actually need (meaning my bags).

Processed with VSCOcam

It’s a lot roomier without the garbage clogging up the space. But then I realized that there’s enough room for a shelf there, make it look like a proper storage for books. Luckily, I have two planks of wood (or whatever my closet is made of) that I disassembled years ago when I discovered that they took up too much space on the upper part of my book closet. See, supposedly, my closet had ten shelves instead of eight, making the upper part look congested and weird. Thank goodness I kept the planks of wood.

Processed with VSCOcam

I used thumbtacks to hold the weight of the plank. Crude and quite obviously uneven but it will do.

So now I had two additional shelves for my this-and-that books. Next up I had to take out all of my books so I could start rearranging them. It, uh, took a lot longer than I thought. Mostly because I never realized how much books I owned and read. I mean, I knew I had a lot but… damn…

2016-05-23 09.40.48 1

It was after seeing this that I realized that I just can’t reorganize my to-read shelves. Taking out my read books was tiring enough. I dare not think about the books on my to-read bookcases. I mean, sure, it probably doesn’t look too much at this angle but, trust me, there are other stacks hidden behind the taller stacks. I literally had to stop for like two minutes and just reevaluate my life choices.

I only regretted my decision to reorganize my shelves five or six times, to be honest. (also fuck yeah animal bed sheets because I’m an ADULT)

Eventually, I managed to come up with some sort of order though, admittedly, it wasn’t as organized as I hoped it would be. Still, it’s a lot better than the initial arrangement.

Firstly, I sorted out the books that I wouldn’t mind not seeing, the books-that-I-don’t-like-but-can’t-really-get-rid-of. I placed them on my new handmade shelf.

2016-05-23 09.40.51 1

I put my Fantasy/Dystopia/Science Fiction books on the top shelf of the lower right corner of my closet. On the shelf below it, my adult books and Stephen King collection.

2016-05-23 09.40.52 1

On the adjacent side, the top shelf is dedicated almost entirely for my supposedly for children (but screw society) books. The shelf below has my books and comics by Filipino authors, more children’s books (they’re very charming, ok?), and Murakami.

2016-05-23 09.40.50 1

On the upper left shelf, I put my Classic books and Non-fiction books. Below that shelf, the supposedly for children (but screw it anyway) books part 2 and a little bit of YA (the ones that couldn’t fit the adjacent shelf for YA).

2016-05-23 09.40.53 1

Then, on the left part, I’ve got my random/miscellaneous titles on the upper shelf and my YA Contemporary books on the lower shelf.

2016-05-23 09.40.49 1

All in all, it looks much better than it did before. No more double stacks, at least.

2016-05-23 09.40.54 1

Hopefully I’ll be able to preserve the current order of books in my book closet. I do not want to reorganize my shelves again any time soon. I was honestly just drained after the last book was slid into place. Actual librarians have their work cut out for them.

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