Sundaze [5/22/16]

I’m pretty sure most bloggers know about the The Sunday Currently. For those who haven’t heard of it, The Sunday Currently is this cute little blog prompt (I use that word because I honestly can’t think of another more accurate term… sorry) that urges the blogger to list the things they are currently doing… on a Sunday. It’s a fairly straightforward list that’s really fun to do. I’ve done a few of them over the years and, although I enjoyed making them, I kind of cheated sometimes by not really answering some of the sections in the list. There are quite a lot of sections (reading, writing, listening, smelling, feeling… etc…), in my defense. I know I tend to ramble on a lot in my posts but somehow I can’t really seem to do The Sunday Currently without running out of steam midway. Shameful, I agree.

So! I’ve impulsively decided to create my own Sunday thing in the hopes that I’ll be more motivated to blog. Sunday’s the best day for these type of things, I think, since it’s simultaneously the end and the beginning of the week. Personally, I just love in between things – like sunsets and sunrises!

But anyway, before I go off tangent (as I’m wont to do), let me explain this Sunday thing of mine that I hope will be a usual thing in my blog. It’s still a list of things I’m doing and thinking as of the moment this Sunday – which I have less than an hour left of, yikes! damn my short attention span! – but with some variations. First off, the main rule I have for this is that the subtitles must begin with the letters that form the word SUNDAZE -for some semblance of order, I guess. If I just write down everything I’m doing all willy-nilly, I’d fill an entire text box of nonsense. Nonsense that’ll probably be deleted anyway because even I’m not that foolish as to publish muck on my own blog. Second of all, to give my future self a bit of a leeway (assuming that I’ll continue this… thing), I can change the words/subtitles as much as I want granted that the acronym is still followed. Lastly, I must publish before Sunday ends which, from where I am right now, is 34 minutes from now. Yikes!

Well, here goes…

Saw and bought two books today. Secondhand books from Book Sale, to be precise. I got Anne Fine’s Goggle-Eyes and James Patterson and Hal Friedman’s Med Head (a non-fiction book about a boy suffering from several mental disorders). It’s been a while since I got something from Book Sale. I’ve visited the store several times this month but haven’t really been able to choose anything. My mind has been pretty preoccupied as of late. Books have been an indulgence that I haven’t been able to give myself as freely as I used to.

Unusual. I finished reading The Lost Journal of Alejandro Pardo and I gotta say that it rekindled my fascination of Philippine folklore. Though, some of the facts about certain beasts are a bit different from the tales I grew up with. For one thing, the kapre in The Lost Journal is described as a giant shape-shifter. The kapres I know of only have one appearance (giant goat-like man with an impressive beard) and have no interest in changing their shape. Maybe it’s a regional difference?

New. I downloaded two free visual novels earlier. One was the typical otome game (with the cute guys and everything) while the other was this awesomely unique game where I play the teacher in this high school. It’s not a dubious student-teacher affair either. I, er, the player is really just this teacher who needs to help his students with their problems. The kicker? The teacher/player is basically this voyeur who has an all access pass to his students’ social media. Voyeur, I guess, is an unfair description since the school basically gave the teacher that power primarily to stave off cyberbullying and the sort but, really, it’s still pretty messed up. The game is called Don’t Take it Personally, Babe, It Just ain’t Your Story. Best. Title. Ever. And it’s even extremely accurate! (I have yet to start playing the otome game. If the reviews are to be believed, it’s supposedly a nice and fun game as well, if not cliched).

Dreamed about flying last night. It was a wonderful dream, from the wisps of recollections I have of it at least. I think I was pursued by this person? And somehow I had these abilities? Come to think of it, did I really fly or just wished I could in my dream? I even remember this behemoth of a tree that stood out in an otherwise normal subdivision. It was severely haunted, I was told. By who, I’m not sure. Dreams are weird.

Anxious about my required internship. I’ve wailed about that a lot over the past few months but this time I’m howling a different tune. For some reason that no one can make any sense of, our department chairman is limiting the number of fourth year interns this year. The list for interns was put up a few weeks ago and was quickly filled up. By the time I got to our department, it was too late. So now I’m not entirely sure if I’ll even get to take my internship this semester. Take note that internship is required for all seniors so we need to be interns this sem and the next. Which really makes the whole limited number of interns thing downright sadistic and evil. Perhaps it’s just a scare tactic? Perhaps we’re understanding this all wrong? Either way… I’m terrified. Let me be an intern, please.

Zinger. To quote my older sister, “Oh god, you have so many pictures of our dogs! Your phone’s album is full of them!” Sister, you have no idea.

Enjoyed a relatively new flavor of gelato earlier, Gelatissimo’s the Wild Berry Panna Cotta. I usually just get their plain Vanilla since I know that I like that flavor (and, really, considering the price of one scoop of gelato, I need to like what I bought) but today I felt like trying something new. I would have gotten the spicy chocolate but… I still feel uncomfortable just thinking about what that would taste like. It seems too unnatural. The Wild Berry Panna Cotta was sweet but not sickeningly so and the wild berry taste was subtle but discernible. Looks like I have another favorite flavor.

Oh dear, it’s already 12:01 on my computer’s clock. Not really Sunday anymore… but I worked too hard on this thing to give up now so I’ll post this anyway.

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