Skinned Deep

I should seriously start taking care of my skin. It takes care of me, why shouldn’t I return the favor?

The past few days have been a real struggle with this huge annoying blister on my upper right lip. Sunburned lips, apparently. Not the first time that it’s happened either. This time is just the worst because there’s an actual blister, not to mention several sore spots on my lower lip.

With the perpetual stinging on my lower lip, sharp pains on the corners of my mouth every time I lower my jaw, and the seemingly burnt monstrosity on my upper lip, it’s a surprise I haven’t perished from hunger. Though, between you and me, I’d never have let something as banal as pain/s get in the way of my enjoyment of food. My eyes might get teary and I may have to stop every once in a while to ease the pain, but I’ll be damned if I can’t eat. The meals I’ve eaten these past few days have been pretty spicy too so… well, the tears of pain neutralized the spiciness, I suppose.

That being said, yeah, I’ll definitely take care of my skin from now on, particularly my face. I live in a tropical country and go to school somewhere in downtown Cebu where the sun is a merciless bastard on good days and a psychopathic sadist on the worst, no wonder my lips get sunburnt easily. I know I should have resolved to actually actively work on maintaining my health but… I’m lazy. My mother (and the cosmetic shop lady) said that I should use toner (after washing my face with facial wash/cleanser) then moisturizer then sleeping cream before I go to bed. In the morning, toner again then moisturizer then (get this) sunblock powder. Oh boy…

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