Book Talk: Writing with Empathy (Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer)

Over the years, I've honed what I now call my three-chapter sniff test. Basically, if I can't find anything or anyone to care about by chapter three, there's a huge chance that I'm not going to care about the story as a whole. And I'm usually right. It doesn't have to be a something big… Continue reading Book Talk: Writing with Empathy (Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer)


Talking about my Favorite Scene from My Favorite Horror Movie (Seklusyon, 2016)

Ever since I watched Erik Matti's Seklusyon in theaters two years ago, I’ve been itching to write about it in some way or other. I tried writing a review for it but since movies aren’t my specialty (though sometimes I can’t help but throw in my two cents on a film) I didn’t feel too confident… Continue reading Talking about my Favorite Scene from My Favorite Horror Movie (Seklusyon, 2016)

50k Words is still a Milestone (and other pseudo-achievements)

I've been meaning to blog about this since last month and I even started working on a draft weeks ago (a sort of May Life Update post) but then something terrible happened. My dog, Lily, died. I was devastated. I knew that I couldn't write a life update post without talking about my poor baby… Continue reading 50k Words is still a Milestone (and other pseudo-achievements)

Beauty and Gore: Into the Drowning Deep Book Review (Mild Spoilers)

About a year ago, right around that awful dark period of my early post-grad life, I stumbled upon this eye-catching novella by a familiar author. Rolling in the Deep (yes, exactly like the Adele song) by Mira Grant had a concept that I believe wasn't (and still isn't) explored nearly as much as its frilly,… Continue reading Beauty and Gore: Into the Drowning Deep Book Review (Mild Spoilers)

Year in Books so Far (32%)

In accordance to my New Year's resolution to blog more (and blog better... if possible), I'm going to share my surprisingly uplifting progress for this year's Goodreads' Reading Challenge. Hardly an interesting topic but there really isn't anything else going on in my life to talk about so this will have to do. Adulthood is… Continue reading Year in Books so Far (32%)

The Beautiful Harrowing World of Junji Ito

In 3rd grade a couple of my classmates explained to me quite vividly how snakes tasted like. Just like fish, they said. I don't recall how we got to that topic - or the truth of their supposed personal accounts - but I was already deathly afraid of snakes at that point in my life… Continue reading The Beautiful Harrowing World of Junji Ito

“E” is for Edgy? (Anne with an “E” review)

(For once, a spoiler-free review) Despite being a self professed hardcore Anne fan, I only heard about this TV series sometime last year through a kindred spirit. One of the first things my friend told me about this new adaptation was that a lot of people didn't seem to like its supposedly dark and mature… Continue reading “E” is for Edgy? (Anne with an “E” review)

What’s So Special About Turning 23?

Nothing. There's absolutely nothing special about turning 23. You've already surpassed the legal age. The novelty of being in your twenties has long worn off. There isn't even a Taylor Swift song about it. 23 is an uninteresting, insignificant, dull, unspecial age that's not even close enough to 25 to fall under the realm of… Continue reading What’s So Special About Turning 23?

POSTMORTEM: Why I Failed NaNoWriMo

Yes, I am fully aware that NaNoWriMo ended more than a month ago (last year, if you want to be cheeky) but I can't seem to process anything properly without writing about it ad nauseam and posting my feverish ramblings on the internet for all to see. So I'm going to try and analyze exactly… Continue reading POSTMORTEM: Why I Failed NaNoWriMo